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52WeekChallengeWeek Forty-Three:  The ways in which I do not fit the cliche

*Terminology and Baby-Talk
I hate a lot of the words that have come out of Japan and Lolita
fashion.  If it were not the fashion itself, I would probably hate the world Lolita
because of the connection to the book.  I hate saying “coordinate” (notice I always
say outfit), and I actually was excluded from a group order once because I refused to respond with the “word” “rovery” (to acknowledge that I had read the post all the way through).

I am not a fan of pink…at all.  Yes, I have some pink in my normal wardrobe, and yes, I am willing to wear pink accessories, and maybe even some dusty pink items, but I am not a fan of the pink dresses all over the place.  That “baby pink” combined with the cutesy prints is just too much for me.  On that note…

*Child-Like Prints
Teddy Bears, puppies, dear, blocks, rainbows….just not my thing.  The only typically child-like prints that I tend to like are fairytale prints, circus-themed prints, and cat prints.  My Infanta Toy Factory dress is pushing it for me, due to the Teddy Bears embroidered onto the skirt, but it is so much more subtle due to it being embroidered rather than being a bright, colorful print all over the dress.

Outside of Lolita or in Lolita, I do not like hearts.  Probably because I have learned to reject the idea of love, so that the thought of wearing the symbol of love seems ridiculous to me.  I used to love hearts, and you will occasionally see me wearing a necklace or some earrings with a heart shape, but if I see a dress I like and then notice an abundance of hearts, I will not buy the dress based on that alone.

(Lolita 52 Week Challenge – Current Skipped Weeks:
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