I am still here, just not doing much with Lolita lately.  I have a couple of past meet-ups that I still need to post on, but otherwise, it has been a very Lolita-less year for me.  I gave my notice at my job back in April, because I was going to move to Los Angeles in May, but circumstances postponed my move, and now I am still in Chicago indefinitely, currently without a job.

It is for the best though, I need to build my resume in Chicago before hoping to do anything with my carrier in Los Angeles.  My family is probably moving to Arizona or Nevada in a couple years, so maybe I can move with them if I am doing well enough with my carrier.

The annual Megameet is next weekend, and I will be attending that (though I almost missed it).  Other than that, I have no idea what the future holds for meet-ups.

Half the problem is that the current admins of the Milwaukee Lolita Society usually does not announce the monthly meet-ups until about a week before, if not later than that, so it makes it more difficult to plan attendance.  Things change though, and I may become more involved with the Lolita’s in Chicago, although I am very disappointed that I will not be meeting the new Lolita’s in L.A. and Arizona (I joined both groups) anytime soon.

I think I also have a few new-ish items to post and update in my wardrobe tab.  I will have to double check what is there and what is not and update everything soon.  Part of me hopes there will be another group order sometime soon…then again if I do not have a job soon, I will not even be able to afford my bills, so maybe not.

That is all for now, just a quick update.  More to come in the weeks to follow.