Hats and Hair Accessories

13 - Hats Bows and HeadbandsFour Mini Top Hats in back are Uber Kio
Headband with Red and Pink Bows on left is local Indie
Headband with Brown Bow on right is Infanta Sleeping BeautyLarge Pink Bow in middle is Little Bits of E
White and Tan Bows are CM Loli
Brown Rosette is Moss Badger
White Rose is local Indie
The rest is off-brand

20140107_120814Red x Black Bows and Hot Air Balloon are Self-MadeEverything else is Off-Brand

20150316_155138Bow from Magic Cats Street
(It actually has a pin backing, but I will probably pin it to hats or switch it to a clip)

20170803_011914Lariat in gold

Bowler Hat in Navy Blue

Beret in Navy Blue

Beret in Ivory

Bow Headband in Light Blue and Coffee

LilacFlowersDividerWAITING ON


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