Hello all!  My name is Destiny, and this is my Lolita blog.  I make no claims to know everything there is to know about Lolita or be an expert, on the contrary, I started this blog with the intention of showing a beginners perspective.

I was first exposed to the Lolita community at least a decade ago, but due to shyness and other distractions, I never quite took the first step into being an active member of the community.  Instead I sat on the sidelines and watched friends join in, all the while telling myself I would get around to acquiring some Lolita clothing pieces and attending an event one day.

During Anime Central 2013, I debuted a Lolita-style Harley Quinn costume (Harley Quinn being the main costume I wear now-a-days).  A friend of mine, who is not only active in the community, but runs a clothing line of her own, after seeing my diamond tights and bloomers, brought me over to the Chantilly booth to see the diamond patterned socks they sold.  There were so many colors, and I wanted them all!  Of course I was drawn to the red and black ones, but a pair in blue and silver also caught my eye.  I mentioned that to my friend, and she told me of a special the company was running, skirt and matching socks for a reduced rate.  She sweetened the deal by telling me if I bought the set, she would buy me a ticket for the brands tea party the following day, as well as lend me a blouse to complete the outfit.  All at once, I did not just take the first step, I fell in.

This blog, will document my journey as I enter the Lolita community and learn all about how to dress Lolita, and experience Lolita events.  Starting out, I have a unique perspective, as I have already done a lot of costuming with strict rules based in period elements and accuracy.  While I am just beginning to participate, I have years of research, some of it correct, some of it not so much, but that is the sort of thing I am here to discover.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Destiny, my name is Aubrie, I’m a ‘beginner’ lolita. During a search of ‘Lolita Meet Up’s in Chicago” I came across your blog. I was wondering if you knew of any local Lolita’s I can get in contact with or even future meetup’s I’m trying to expand my knowledge as a Lolita and want to meet some other Lolita’s to 🙂

    Arigato and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Aubrie, I am SO sorry I never responded to this. WordPress flagged your reply as spam and I have not been very good about checking my spam inbox. I know it has been several months now, hopefully you have met some people and joined the facebook group by now, but just in case, the Chicago facebook group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chigothloli/. I do not really know many of the Chicago girls since I mostly go to Milwaukee events. I have only been to one Chicago meet-up, so I know a few, but not well. The only girl I know really well in Chicago is Emma, because I have known her for over a decade.

      • Hello, great blog. I will bookmark it. Is there a listing of Milwaukee meet-ups? I’m new to Milwaukee and would really like to try an event. I plan on going to the Baby Tea Party this year at the Chicago Anime Midwest

      • Hello, sorry for such the late reply. The best place to find Milwaukee meet-ups is on our facebook group, Milwaukee Lolita Society. Just search for that on facebook and then request to join. I look forward to meeting you at future meet-ups.

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