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On Sunday the Milwaukee Lolita Society met up at Carini’s for a Valentine’s Day Dinner, very much like our typical holiday dinner in December.  We even brought items to exchange like at our holiday dinner, though I do not believe I received everything…or maybe some people just could not bring anything.  Either way, here is my V-Day Haul:


I ended up arriving late due to the regulator in one of my windows breaking, but not horribly late.  I ended up sitting at a table with girls I did not know that well, including one brand new girl, but I enjoyed myself.

We did not take pictures at the end of the night, as a few of the girls had rides they had to rush out for, but I did snap a few before I changed once I returned home.


Please excuse the mess, I am currently moving out of my apartment.  The lighting is not very good in my room either.


Close up on the accessories.  I just realized that it looks like I had been crying in this picture, I had been.  No worries, just had a rough day and being alone in a car is a good place to let those emotions out.

JSK is Infanta
Blouse is Forever 21

I have also received my Taobao order after dinner, so I will have to get pictures of those taken to upload.  Next weekend is another Milwaukee meet up as well, so I should have a couple of posts going up in the next few weeks.  I am moving to Los Angeles in less than three months, so I need to visit my comm as much as possible before saying goodbye.