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I have been wanting to update here for a while, but there has just been nothing going on in my Lolita life lately.  The January & February Meet-Ups for my comm were both scheduled for weekends that I was/will be in Los Angeles.

An additional February Meet-Up was just posted last night though, the Sunday before Valentines Day.  It will be Valentine’s Day themed, although with me not doing red and pink colors really, I am stretched on this one.  I think I am going to go with my Infanta Cinderella JSK (light blue) and accessorize with hearts and pink.  I wish I had ordered a pink blouse now. 😦

I also have several items that I should be receiving that day from one of the girls who ran a group order (unfortunately no pink blouse).  So, once that meet-up happens, I will have a couple of posts to make.

Back to the note of LA, I am moving there this May, so I have started looking for the Lolita groups in the area.  I know I submitted to join one or two of them on Facebook, but I am not sure I ever got approved.  I should see if I can find them again.  It will be sad to leave my current comm, but I am really excited to meet a whole new group of girls.