Lolita Level Up Quiz Take Two


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I took this quiz a year ago today, results here.

This year, the quiz is in check box format here.

My result this year was 53, six more points than last year, though I still fall into the same category.

41-60: Well-Rounded Lolita

41-60 points means you’re probably a very well-rounded Lolita. You have a fair sized wardrobe that allows a variety of outfits and some style experimentation, you have a few Lolita friends, and you’ve attended your fair share of meetups and even fashion shows. You probably have a few volumes of the Gothic & Lolita Bible hanging around your bookshelf and you’ve definitely taken an interest in Lolita hobbies. Your next step is probably to step out of your comfort bubble, try a new style you’ve always wanted to try, host your own meetups, or perhaps finally apply to be a model for a local Lolita fashion show.

So, to make it to “Experienced Lolita,” I need seven more points, so my goals for next year are to check off the following:

  • You own a parasol
  • You’ve bought a lucky pack
  • You’ve paid less than 20% the retail price for secondhand brand (ex:
  • you paid $40 for a piece that originally cost $200)
  • You’ve ordered from a shopping service
  • You wear a print you’ve designed yourself
  • You own an old school rectangle headdress
  • You’ve worn a trendy accessory

2016 Lolita Resolutions


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To start, I want to put up the three I did not complete in 2015.

1.  Buy at least one Coat.

2.  Buy at least one pair of Boots.
I would like some Lolita-style boots in black, brown, and maybe white and/or tan.

3.  Buy at least one Parasol.

I am also going to put the blouse resolution back up.

4.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines.
Goal is a peter pan collar in white, a tan or brown, a forest/hunter green, maybe a dark purple, and then some cutsews.

New resolutions!

5.  Acquire another brand main piece, preferably not another AatP (just for variety).

6.  Be more active, both in the community and on here.  2015 was difficult due to my work schedule (as a waitress) and my surgery; I lost most of the year.  Now I have a set schedule, and hopefully no more surgeries.  Goal is for at least one meet-up per month, and posting 2-4 times per month.

2015 Lolita Resolutions in Review

Time for my annual resolution wrap up before deciding on next years resolutions.

1.  Finish Weekly Challenge. – DONE
I did finally finish this, though I am pretty sure I missed a few weeks.  It was a tough challenge though.

2.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines. – SEMI-DONE
I need a high collar black blouse and a peter pan collar white blouse at the least.  I would also like a different tan shirt, as the one I have is very high maintenance.  Aside from that, I want more colors (blue, purple, green, ecc.), and also some cutsews.
I did acquire a high collar black blouse, but not a peter pan collar white blouse.  I bought a lavender blouse, and I tried to buy a green one, but it ended up more teal.  No cutsews.

3.  Buy at least one Coat. – NOT DONE

4.  Buy at least one pair of Boots. – NOT DONE

5.  Buy at least one Parasol. – NOT DONE

6.  Acquire a main item (JSK/OP/Skirt) from a brand. – DONE…TECHNICALLY
I bought an AatP JSK, but I do not like how it fits me right now, so I am putting off wearing it until I loose some weight.


I would say I am a little less than 50/50 on this year, but it was a rough year.  Here’s hoping next year is better.

Been Some Time


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I realized last night that I have not bought anything new for Lolita since this Spring when I bought my new JSK’s and accessories.  With the holiday season, my comm usually does a big dinner, and I am at a loss for what to wear.  My first year I wore Infanta’s Charlie’s Toy Factory and my second year I wore R-Series’ Odette Mansion, both of which will probably make a reprise this month, but no idea for the big dinner (which has not been scheduled yet, so it may not happen).

I thought about wearing my AmaStacia Military Stripe JSK with something over the top to make it less military/sailor and more holiday blue, but I do not really have anything to wear over it.  Maybe a black cardigan, but not sure.

Anyhow, I am eager to add something to my wardrobe, but there is nothing out there that is really enticing me.  There are a few items I want on TaoBao, but I have to go over those.  I am monitoring Lace Market though, and considering finally buying a fabric I designed on Spoonflower to make a JSK I have in mind.  I need a Lolita fix.

New Blouses (Finally)


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Blouses - Surface Spell and Floral NotebookI have mentioned several times now, that I had bought a few new blouses, and would post about them soon.  Well, this weekend, I finally pulled my dress form out into the dining room and took the pictures.

The first blouse is by Surface Spell, and is the exact same as my white long sleeve blouse, except in black.  I loved the white one so much that I had to have the black version, and if it came in other colors, I would likely buy them too.

The middle blouse is a lavender blouse by Floral Notebook, same style as my navy blouse (Princess of the Rose).  I love this blouse, and I love that I finally have a purple blouse.  I will need to buy a blouse in a darker shade of purple eventually, but this is simply lovely.  My only complaint is that the bottom button popped off as I was unbuttoning it to remove it from the dress form, but that is an easy repair for me.

The last blouse is, again, by Floral Notebook, also Princess of the Rose style.  However, this blouse was supposed to be emerald green.  I would have accepted hunter, or kelly, but this…is more of a teal than anything.  It is beautiful, but it is not what I wanted.  I am keeping it for now, but at the moment I do not have anything that it will match (except for maybe my purple Magic Cats Street dress, which I now have too much to wear with), and I am still in need of a green blouse.

2015 Annual Chicago Megameet


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VincentKan01Last Sunday, August 24th, was the annual Megameet, and just look at that group!  This year, for the first time, we paid a small fee to attend, but it allowed us to have a reserved space indoors.  While it was sad to not be outside, it was good that we were not this year, as the day was wet and dreary (though by the time we took the photo it was nice).

I arrived a little late, so I missed some of the food, but there was a fantastic pot luck spread, more so than I think there generally is, because there were tables set aside for all the food rather than spread out over blankets in the middle of everyone.  Shortly after I arrived, there was a BINGO game/scavenger hunt, in which we had to find specific Lolita related items to fill out or BINGO card.  It was a little bit madness, and everyone wanted my name for my gold shoes.  Essentially, it was a great idea for a get-to-know-you game.  I won the little Dumbo that you can see on my head below.

There was still the raffle, though it seemed a little lighter this year.  Still, there were some very nice items.  I was really hoping for a tin of tea or a parasol, but alas, I left the raffle empty handed.  I am thinking of donating items for next year, maybe some bows, or that darn shirt that I will never wear and is still in the bag.


JSK: Magic Cats Street
All Else Offbrand

I finally had something to wear my Magic Cats Street JSK for.  I had this outfit sitting on the hanger all summer, so I am glad I finally had a chance to wear it before the autumn sets in.  I had originally planned this for a Midsummer picnic, so I went for a garden theme.  The jewelry I am wearing is purple flowers with green leaves, there is a butterfly broach in green and purple gems at my neckline, and I did my hair up with purple flowers.

BriannaFleury20-1That is the best picture I could find of my hair, but there were six flowers, three varieties, two of each.  You can sort of see all of them there.  I threw clips on the flowers the morning of the event.  BriannaFleury22Here is a cute one that I like.


And here are the Milwaukee girls!

Items I Have Not Worn Yet (Convincing Myself Not To Buy Anything New)


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I have been working at my new job for two weeks now, and today would have been payday….but for the delay most jobs have in setting up new employees in payroll.  That means I will receive a paycheck and a half at the end of the month though, so that is exciting.

Right now, I am experiencing that new job high of wanting to plan new purchases.  I want to go shopping for clothes, make-up, books, and, of course, Lolita clothes.  However, I have tons of bills to catch up on, and I still have a couple items that I have not worn yet.  Most notably are these two JSK’s.


I have had my Magic Cat’s Street Dress hanging from my closet, ready to wear with accessories, shoes, and everything, SINCE JUNE!  I was going to wear it to a Midsummer meet-up that was canceled, rescheduled, then canceled again with no new date.  BUT, the Chicago Megameet has finally been scheduled for the end of this month, so I think I am going to put this outfit to use for that.

My Cthulhu dress has also been hanging up with accessories and all, but not for quite as long.  I had planned on wearing this one for the Milwaukee pot luck earlier this month, but as previously stated, I was unable to go to that due to my recent surgery.  It is still hanging there for now, however after the end of August, I think I will have to rethink the outfit, as it is very summery at the moment.

Skirt - Yolanda Set

I also have this beauty that I have had almost since the beginning, and STILL NOT WORN.  It is still tight on me, but now that the tumor is out and I will soon be returning to working out, that should not be the case for much longer.  However, this is a very spring/summer outfit as well, so I may hold off on wearing this one until next year.

Beyond the main pieces, I have a slew of accessories that I have yet to use yet, two or three skirts I have yet to make, and a couple of items that I have only worn once or twice, so I can find new ways to wear them.  There is no need for me to rush out with my newly earned money and buy a ton of new things.

Although….if anyone ends up planning any Taobao group orders, there are still a few accessories that I could buy…and I am going to be needing a coat and boots soon…

Meet-Up Missed/Recent TaoBao Haul


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Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meet-up that my local comm held today.  It is really disappointing, because now I am stuck watching all he pictures pop up on facebook and wishing I could have been there.  The next meet-up that I know of is at the end of August, I already have plans that day, and it is with the neighboring comm, not the local one.  The big Mega Meet has not been scheduled yet though, and I think it will be going up soon (at least I hope it will).

In lieu of fun meet-up pictures, I am going to post most of the semi-recent purchases I have made.

These are all from a TaoBao group order a girl from my comm headed up.  I did not have a lot of money to spend on this order, so I decided to take advantage of it to purchase some much needed accessories.

Blue Beret from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

tbb201 tbb202
Ivory Beret from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

I probably will not use them, but they even sent alligator clips with glue sticks.

tbclipstbh01 tbh02
Navy Bowler Hat from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

tbhb02 tbhb01
Baby Blue and Brown Headbands from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up
I was really worried about these, because I did not know what charms would be on them (not that I could not replace them), but they are not bad.

That is all of the accessories I bought, the only item I left out was a blouse, but I will post that when I post the Floral Notebook items.  I still have to pull out my dress form and take pictures.

Anime Midwest Five-Minute Lolita Make-Over


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Fourth of July weekend in the Midwest is Anime Midwest for those who are interested in any area of Japanese culture.  I have attended Anime Midwest before, but not in many years.  I had intended to do so this year, but funds were unavailable and I ended up scheduled a double for that Saturday.

However, I had previously joined a group order for Floral Notebook (review to come), and I had to pick up my blouses.  Since the person who initiated the GO is part of the Milwaukee Lolita Society and I had not registered for any Milwaukee events in the near future, this seemed like the best time to go to retrieve them.

I decided I would go out Friday, spend some time at the Fashion Outlets, and then meet up with my friend at some point.  Well, once I arrived out there, I discovered that a meet-up had been scheduled for that night at Hofanbrahaus (not sure why we keep going back there, it is loud, and pricy, and not kind to dietary restrictions).  I was wearing a short denim dress and mary-jane sketchers…not Lolita.  Still, I intended on attending wearing this none-the-less.  They know I dress Lolita, I can go casual once, right?  Well, my friends had another idea.  In about five minutes, they dressed me up.

20150703_220448-1That’s right, this was put together in five minutes in my friends hotel room.  The black blouse is mine, and one of the blouses I was picking up.  It is by Surface Spell, and is the same one you have seen me wear in white several times.  The cameo broach I am wearing came with that blouse.  I also happened to have some blue flowers in my purse that matched the print very well.  The JSK and the socks are from the girl who did the group order (just left of me in the photo below, your left, not mine), and the shoes and petticoat are another of my friends (far left in photo below).  The only thing I did not have was a matching purse, but still, wow!

20150703_220223-1I have several new items that I have yet to post about, including the Floral Notebook blouses.  Not sure about the next meet-up yet though.  There is one scheduled for this Saturday, but as I will have just had surgery and will not be allowed to drive, it is a huge maybe.  My friend Shay, who also lives in Rockford, may go as well, but she also has some health concerns right now, so she is a maybe.  If she goes, I asked her to let me know so that I can hitch a ride.  I already have the outfit planned out, just in case.

If I do not go this weekend, it is looking like the annual Chicago Mega Meet is going to be in August, and I will have weekends off now, so I can definitely go.  I have an outfit planned for that too, because I had planned an outfit for a Midsummer Picnic that kept being pushed back due to weather and has not been rescheduled (and it is quickly approaching autumn).

So, if I go to the meet-up on Saturday, I will post about that next week, otherwise I will put up some of my new products.

The State of Things

I have been absent of late, and I apologize for that.  For the past year, I have been working as a waitress.  Waiting tables, sucks.  Your schedule is all over the place, you are running around at the whim of your tables, and at the end of the day, your income is determined by what some random person thinks your service is worth.  It is hard work, it is impossible to budget your money, and it is impossible to really budget your time.  You never quite know when a double is going to come along and interrupt your plans.

On top of that, just over a month ago, I went to the doctor and discovered that I have a tumor the size of a cantaloupe in my stomach.  Said tumor has caused me a lot of pain and illness over the past few months, but I am finally having it removed on Tuesday!  I am excited to have this over with, but I am also terrified to have my first major surgery.  We do not know exactly what it is yet, but it will go to pathology once it is removed.  I will be in the hospital for three days after the surgery, and then stranded at home for two weeks after that (unable to drive).  It will be another six weeks before I am aloud any strenuous physical activity (I JUST WANT TO WORK OUT!).

Finally, the appearance of this tumor has really shaken up my life.  I found myself facing this without insurance, and without pay for the six weeks in which I could not do physical activity.  With that in mind, I went on a job hunt, and was recently offered a full time job; salaried, M-F, 8:30-5, benefits, 401K, the whole shebang.  I begin this job on August 3rd, just after my two week ban on driving is lifted.  I am super excited to go back to a regular schedule and pay, and even move excited to be able to budget my time and money again.  With this, I plan on setting up a regular schedule for all my blogs, so that I can get back to regularly posting.  Right now, the schedule I am thinking is this:

Monday – Deciphering Lolita
Tuesday – Il Circo dei Sogni  (My fitness and circus blog)
Wednesday – Quinn of Diamonds (Revamping a blog to me general geekiness, not sure about the name yet)
Thursday – Death by Chocolate (My chocolate blog…all chocolate, all the time)
Friday – Fiaba Fashionista (My fashion blog)

I am also considering starting a writing blog, because I am in the process of writing a novel, with three or four short stories rolling around in my head as well.  I have been reading a lot of writer blogs, and watching some writer vlogs, and I kind of want to start one.  If I do, that will probably be on Wednesdays, though I may juggle things around then.  I also would like to start a vlog, but right now, I do not have a good place to set up as a filming spot, so I am thinking that will wait until I move.  Anyhow, that is the state of things as they are, and I look forward to the new schedule!