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Time to see what I succeeded in and what I failed in before making new Lolita resolutions tomorrow.

2016 Resolutions:

1.  Buy at least one Coat.
FAIL – I almost purchased one in the most recent group order my local comm did, but as I am moving to Los Angeles in 2017, I decided I did not really need one anymore.

2.  Buy at least one pair of Boots.
I would like some Lolita-style boots in black, brown, and maybe white and/or tan.
WIN – I bought the music themed ones from Bodyline, though I still have not had them repaired.

3.  Buy at least one Parasol.
FAIL – I saw some I really liked this year, one that was way too expensive, and others that were not TOO bad, but I would have had to get it on a plane, so I passed.

4.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines.
Goal is a peter pan collar in white, a tan or brown, a forest/hunter green, maybe a dark purple, and then some cutsews.
WIN – I have not picked them up yet, but I purchased a brown, a light blue, and a red blouse.  Not the colors I planned on (aside from brown), but still a win.

5.  Acquire another brand main piece, preferably not another AatP (just for variety).
FAIL – I have been looking, but nothing has caught my eye and been in my budget yet.

6.  Be more active, both in the community and on here.  Goal is for at least one meet-up per month, and posting 2-4 times per month.
FAIL – I have not been more active in the comm or on here.  😦  It looks like I went to only six meet-ups this year, and I made about the same amount of blog posts.

Looks like an overall fail for 2016, here is to 2017 being better.