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I placed an order on September 15th for a pair of the S532 Boots, and the L580 JSK.  After placing the order, I realized I had typed my address wrong and sent them an e-mail.  I e-mailed them twice, they never responded.  The package arrived today, and the address was still incorrect, though the USPS figured out the error (quickly too, the package was only in the states for a few days before delivery).

The dress looks great so far, and I will post a review later when I can  try it on (I am currently at work).  The boots however, are another story.


I purchased them in gry-blk, and want(ed) to also order a couple other pairs (brw-dbrw and blk-owh especially), but now I am not so sure.  They are super cute, which is why I am still on the fence about ordering another pair.  I went up a half a size, and I am glad I did, they are a little tight.  I wear a 7.5 US and ordered 24.0; if I order another pair I will order 24.5.  They hurt a little on the ankle, but I could wear some thick socks to combat that I am sure.  Thanks to the inside zipper and lacing, these DO fit around my calves (I have large calves from dance and acrobatics all my life).  All of this is acceptable.

HOWEVER!  I immediately noticed that the soles are not fully/properly attached to the shoe.


On both shoes, the sole is unattached around the arch and the ball of the foot and you can see the white padding. The left shoe even had the two layers of rubber separated.  I am going to take these to a cobbler to see if this can be fixed, and depending on how much of a hassle that is, I may or may not buy another pair, but I am super disappointed in the poor quality.  Yes, it is bodyline, but I have been hearing more and more good things about them, and I have never had an issue with their clothing.  People have often recommended their shoes, and this is the first pair I bought.  I would like to think this is a one time mistake and have never seen reviews about anything similar, but for both shoes to be effected?

Very disappointed.