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Sunday was the 2016 Megameet, and my FOURTH Megameet.  Hard to believe I have been to five already.

This one was held in an industrial area, but the room was very nice, with a little kitchen area as well.


Upon arriving, it was a free for all eating, but you had to go up several times because people kept arriving with new food.

After food, there was the Bingo game, which went really quick, but I was lucky enough to win one of seven spots.  After Bingo, we did the raffle.  There were two winners from MLS, including myself.  After that, there was a Lolita-fied Cards Against Humanities game.


We did two groups of eight and were supposed to switch out, but no one wanted to play after the first round, and shortly after, there was a silent auction held.  Evidently the group did not make up the cost of the venue, so they did the silent auction to even it out I think.   There were six bags I believe, done up as “Lucky Packs” plus three accessory bag “Lucky Packs.”  I ALMOST bid on the classic bag, but I am glad I did not.  None of the bags ended up having anything I would have really worn.  A few of the girls were expressing disappointment.

And of course, at the end, group photos.  There was a massive group shot, but I have not grabbed a copy yet.  Here is a picture of the Milwaukee Lolita Society.


Smaller turn out from our group this year, but still a fantastic group.


This meetup happened to be my first time in Brand!  I am wearing Alice and the Pirates Ragnarak JSK, which I bought last year and almost sold immediately because it fit funny.  Turns out, the reason it fit funny was because I had a massive tumor in my stomach that was messing with my figure.


Everything I won from the Bingo game and the raffle.