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To start, I want to put up the three I did not complete in 2015.

1.  Buy at least one Coat.

2.  Buy at least one pair of Boots.
I would like some Lolita-style boots in black, brown, and maybe white and/or tan.

3.  Buy at least one Parasol.

I am also going to put the blouse resolution back up.

4.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines.
Goal is a peter pan collar in white, a tan or brown, a forest/hunter green, maybe a dark purple, and then some cutsews.

New resolutions!

5.  Acquire another brand main piece, preferably not another AatP (just for variety).

6.  Be more active, both in the community and on here.  2015 was difficult due to my work schedule (as a waitress) and my surgery; I lost most of the year.  Now I have a set schedule, and hopefully no more surgeries.  Goal is for at least one meet-up per month, and posting 2-4 times per month.