2015 Lolita Resolutions in Review

Time for my annual resolution wrap up before deciding on next years resolutions.

1.  Finish Weekly Challenge. – DONE
I did finally finish this, though I am pretty sure I missed a few weeks.  It was a tough challenge though.

2.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines. – SEMI-DONE
I need a high collar black blouse and a peter pan collar white blouse at the least.  I would also like a different tan shirt, as the one I have is very high maintenance.  Aside from that, I want more colors (blue, purple, green, ecc.), and also some cutsews.
I did acquire a high collar black blouse, but not a peter pan collar white blouse.  I bought a lavender blouse, and I tried to buy a green one, but it ended up more teal.  No cutsews.

3.  Buy at least one Coat. – NOT DONE

4.  Buy at least one pair of Boots. – NOT DONE

5.  Buy at least one Parasol. – NOT DONE

6.  Acquire a main item (JSK/OP/Skirt) from a brand. – DONE…TECHNICALLY
I bought an AatP JSK, but I do not like how it fits me right now, so I am putting off wearing it until I loose some weight.


I would say I am a little less than 50/50 on this year, but it was a rough year.  Here’s hoping next year is better.


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