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I realized last night that I have not bought anything new for Lolita since this Spring when I bought my new JSK’s and accessories.  With the holiday season, my comm usually does a big dinner, and I am at a loss for what to wear.  My first year I wore Infanta’s Charlie’s Toy Factory and my second year I wore R-Series’ Odette Mansion, both of which will probably make a reprise this month, but no idea for the big dinner (which has not been scheduled yet, so it may not happen).

I thought about wearing my AmaStacia Military Stripe JSK with something over the top to make it less military/sailor and more holiday blue, but I do not really have anything to wear over it.  Maybe a black cardigan, but not sure.

Anyhow, I am eager to add something to my wardrobe, but there is nothing out there that is really enticing me.  There are a few items I want on TaoBao, but I have to go over those.  I am monitoring Lace Market though, and considering finally buying a fabric I designed on Spoonflower to make a JSK I have in mind.  I need a Lolita fix.