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Blouses - Surface Spell and Floral NotebookI have mentioned several times now, that I had bought a few new blouses, and would post about them soon.  Well, this weekend, I finally pulled my dress form out into the dining room and took the pictures.

The first blouse is by Surface Spell, and is the exact same as my white long sleeve blouse, except in black.  I loved the white one so much that I had to have the black version, and if it came in other colors, I would likely buy them too.

The middle blouse is a lavender blouse by Floral Notebook, same style as my navy blouse (Princess of the Rose).  I love this blouse, and I love that I finally have a purple blouse.  I will need to buy a blouse in a darker shade of purple eventually, but this is simply lovely.  My only complaint is that the bottom button popped off as I was unbuttoning it to remove it from the dress form, but that is an easy repair for me.

The last blouse is, again, by Floral Notebook, also Princess of the Rose style.  However, this blouse was supposed to be emerald green.  I would have accepted hunter, or kelly, but this…is more of a teal than anything.  It is beautiful, but it is not what I wanted.  I am keeping it for now, but at the moment I do not have anything that it will match (except for maybe my purple Magic Cats Street dress, which I now have too much to wear with), and I am still in need of a green blouse.