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VincentKan01Last Sunday, August 24th, was the annual Megameet, and just look at that group!  This year, for the first time, we paid a small fee to attend, but it allowed us to have a reserved space indoors.  While it was sad to not be outside, it was good that we were not this year, as the day was wet and dreary (though by the time we took the photo it was nice).

I arrived a little late, so I missed some of the food, but there was a fantastic pot luck spread, more so than I think there generally is, because there were tables set aside for all the food rather than spread out over blankets in the middle of everyone.  Shortly after I arrived, there was a BINGO game/scavenger hunt, in which we had to find specific Lolita related items to fill out or BINGO card.  It was a little bit madness, and everyone wanted my name for my gold shoes.  Essentially, it was a great idea for a get-to-know-you game.  I won the little Dumbo that you can see on my head below.

There was still the raffle, though it seemed a little lighter this year.  Still, there were some very nice items.  I was really hoping for a tin of tea or a parasol, but alas, I left the raffle empty handed.  I am thinking of donating items for next year, maybe some bows, or that darn shirt that I will never wear and is still in the bag.


JSK: Magic Cats Street
All Else Offbrand

I finally had something to wear my Magic Cats Street JSK for.  I had this outfit sitting on the hanger all summer, so I am glad I finally had a chance to wear it before the autumn sets in.  I had originally planned this for a Midsummer picnic, so I went for a garden theme.  The jewelry I am wearing is purple flowers with green leaves, there is a butterfly broach in green and purple gems at my neckline, and I did my hair up with purple flowers.

BriannaFleury20-1That is the best picture I could find of my hair, but there were six flowers, three varieties, two of each.  You can sort of see all of them there.  I threw clips on the flowers the morning of the event.  BriannaFleury22Here is a cute one that I like.


And here are the Milwaukee girls!