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I have been working at my new job for two weeks now, and today would have been payday….but for the delay most jobs have in setting up new employees in payroll.  That means I will receive a paycheck and a half at the end of the month though, so that is exciting.

Right now, I am experiencing that new job high of wanting to plan new purchases.  I want to go shopping for clothes, make-up, books, and, of course, Lolita clothes.  However, I have tons of bills to catch up on, and I still have a couple items that I have not worn yet.  Most notably are these two JSK’s.


I have had my Magic Cat’s Street Dress hanging from my closet, ready to wear with accessories, shoes, and everything, SINCE JUNE!  I was going to wear it to a Midsummer meet-up that was canceled, rescheduled, then canceled again with no new date.  BUT, the Chicago Megameet has finally been scheduled for the end of this month, so I think I am going to put this outfit to use for that.

My Cthulhu dress has also been hanging up with accessories and all, but not for quite as long.  I had planned on wearing this one for the Milwaukee pot luck earlier this month, but as previously stated, I was unable to go to that due to my recent surgery.  It is still hanging there for now, however after the end of August, I think I will have to rethink the outfit, as it is very summery at the moment.

Skirt - Yolanda Set

I also have this beauty that I have had almost since the beginning, and STILL NOT WORN.  It is still tight on me, but now that the tumor is out and I will soon be returning to working out, that should not be the case for much longer.  However, this is a very spring/summer outfit as well, so I may hold off on wearing this one until next year.

Beyond the main pieces, I have a slew of accessories that I have yet to use yet, two or three skirts I have yet to make, and a couple of items that I have only worn once or twice, so I can find new ways to wear them.  There is no need for me to rush out with my newly earned money and buy a ton of new things.

Although….if anyone ends up planning any Taobao group orders, there are still a few accessories that I could buy…and I am going to be needing a coat and boots soon…