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Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meet-up that my local comm held today.  It is really disappointing, because now I am stuck watching all he pictures pop up on facebook and wishing I could have been there.  The next meet-up that I know of is at the end of August, I already have plans that day, and it is with the neighboring comm, not the local one.  The big Mega Meet has not been scheduled yet though, and I think it will be going up soon (at least I hope it will).

In lieu of fun meet-up pictures, I am going to post most of the semi-recent purchases I have made.

These are all from a TaoBao group order a girl from my comm headed up.  I did not have a lot of money to spend on this order, so I decided to take advantage of it to purchase some much needed accessories.

Blue Beret from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

tbb201 tbb202
Ivory Beret from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

I probably will not use them, but they even sent alligator clips with glue sticks.

tbclipstbh01 tbh02
Navy Bowler Hat from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up

tbhb02 tbhb01
Baby Blue and Brown Headbands from haruhiclover/Marshmallows Floating Ash Up
I was really worried about these, because I did not know what charms would be on them (not that I could not replace them), but they are not bad.

That is all of the accessories I bought, the only item I left out was a blouse, but I will post that when I post the Floral Notebook items.  I still have to pull out my dress form and take pictures.