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Fourth of July weekend in the Midwest is Anime Midwest for those who are interested in any area of Japanese culture.  I have attended Anime Midwest before, but not in many years.  I had intended to do so this year, but funds were unavailable and I ended up scheduled a double for that Saturday.

However, I had previously joined a group order for Floral Notebook (review to come), and I had to pick up my blouses.  Since the person who initiated the GO is part of the Milwaukee Lolita Society and I had not registered for any Milwaukee events in the near future, this seemed like the best time to go to retrieve them.

I decided I would go out Friday, spend some time at the Fashion Outlets, and then meet up with my friend at some point.  Well, once I arrived out there, I discovered that a meet-up had been scheduled for that night at Hofanbrahaus (not sure why we keep going back there, it is loud, and pricy, and not kind to dietary restrictions).  I was wearing a short denim dress and mary-jane sketchers…not Lolita.  Still, I intended on attending wearing this none-the-less.  They know I dress Lolita, I can go casual once, right?  Well, my friends had another idea.  In about five minutes, they dressed me up.

20150703_220448-1That’s right, this was put together in five minutes in my friends hotel room.  The black blouse is mine, and one of the blouses I was picking up.  It is by Surface Spell, and is the same one you have seen me wear in white several times.  The cameo broach I am wearing came with that blouse.  I also happened to have some blue flowers in my purse that matched the print very well.  The JSK and the socks are from the girl who did the group order (just left of me in the photo below, your left, not mine), and the shoes and petticoat are another of my friends (far left in photo below).  The only thing I did not have was a matching purse, but still, wow!

20150703_220223-1I have several new items that I have yet to post about, including the Floral Notebook blouses.  Not sure about the next meet-up yet though.  There is one scheduled for this Saturday, but as I will have just had surgery and will not be allowed to drive, it is a huge maybe.  My friend Shay, who also lives in Rockford, may go as well, but she also has some health concerns right now, so she is a maybe.  If she goes, I asked her to let me know so that I can hitch a ride.  I already have the outfit planned out, just in case.

If I do not go this weekend, it is looking like the annual Chicago Mega Meet is going to be in August, and I will have weekends off now, so I can definitely go.  I have an outfit planned for that too, because I had planned an outfit for a Midsummer Picnic that kept being pushed back due to weather and has not been rescheduled (and it is quickly approaching autumn).

So, if I go to the meet-up on Saturday, I will post about that next week, otherwise I will put up some of my new products.