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Day Nineteen:  What’s in Your Make-up Bag?

I have done this in the past with my big make-up bag, so I thought this time I would show my quick “grab-and-go” bag for when I am in a hurry, or need something small to take with.

20150522_14155620150522_141734_001Here I have the essentials, minus one item that I just noticed I need to replace.  From left to right, there are hair ties and bobby pins, then I have a sample size perfume, a tinted lip gloss, my Too Faced pallet with bronzer, blush, and eyeshadows, a set of travel make-up brushes, and the one item I am missing is black eyeliner.  All of my black eyeliners are in my other kit right now because I am trying them all and seeing which ones I like and which ones I should dispose of.