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Day Six:  10 Things You Can’t Live Without in Lolita
–1.  Friends – I hate going to a meet-up and knowing absolutely no one, and it is nice to have fellow Lolitas on hand as sounding boards for new ideas.
–2.  A petticoat – Without the proper shape, it just is not the same.
–3.  Cute shoes – When I see people in really cool costumes at cons, but then I look down and they are wearing gym shoes…yeah, it ruins the whole thing.  It is the same with Lolita.
–4.  Hair accessories – I can never have enough hair accessories.
–5.  Bags – Since nothing ever has pockets.
–6.  A multitude of blouses – Just changing the blouse under a JSK does so much.
–7.  Internet – How else would I have built my wardrobe?  Aside from that, it is how I keep in touch with everyone, and where I go to for inspiration.
–8.  Make-up – For my everday life, I almost never wear make-up, if I do, it is maybe a little eyeliner.  In Lolita however, I would feel incomplete without it.
–9.  OTK’s – My favourite style of sock wear.  I wear nylons and tights a lot too, but I love a good pair of OTK’s.
–10.  Dance Tights – I almost always wear a pair of dance tights with Lolita, the convertable foot ones, so that it gives me a thin layer on my legs, but does not pull on my toes.