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Happy May!  This May is not only the two year anniversary of Deciphering Lolita, but also of being active in the Lolita community.  So, to celebrate my anniversary, I am going to do a Thirty Day Lolita Challenge.  I think this is something that will encourage me to post more, and also something that I can do each year as a tradition…maybe.  Anyhow…

Day One:  10 Things about your Lolita bubble
–1.  I sometimes spend hours just looking for new things about Lolita to look at or read…tumblr tags, pintrest, new blogs, anything I can find.
–2.  I prefer Classic Lolita, but I cannot resist some of the fairytale prints.  Even when I wear those though, I try to accessorize them in a classic fashion.
–3.  I live in the Chicago suburbs but prefer the Milwaukee Lolita Society.
–4.  As much as I think Lolita themed rooms are adorable, I would never mimic the decor.  What I do want, is to acquire a large wardrobe with doors and have that be my little haven of Lolita-ness.
–5.  I would love to wear crazy colored wigs, but they just throw off that whole classic look.  Natural tones only for me…at least in Lolita.
–6.  I actively avoid pink.
–7.  I actively avoid cutesy animal prints…except cats, I like cats.
–8.  The only brand items I own right now are accessories:  one necklace, and one bag.
–9.  I am looking to buy my first brand item now.
–10.  Despite liking the color red, and owning a lot of clothing in red, I avoid red as a main color in Lolita.