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52WeekChallengeIt took a little longer than a year, but I managed to make it all the way through!

Week Fifty-Two:  How Lolita has changed me

*I have more female friends
I tend to be the girl who hangs out with a lot of guys, both because of my interests, and because they are generally less drama, but with Lolita, I am hanging out with pretty much all girls.  The few guys that attend, either as dates or as Brolitas, I get along with, but I do not really talk to all that much.

*Increased interest in make-up
While I have been wearing make-up since I was about six (for performance purposes), I never really was interested in make-up until Lolita.  Since joining the Lolita community, I have joined a make-up subscription service, acquired a great deal more make-up, found a favorite higher end brand that I own several products from (Too Faced), and I generally wear make-up a little more often (even though it is usually just throwing some eyeliner on).

*Learned more about dressmaking
Through making Lolita items, I have learned a few sewing techniques that I had previously not understood or every had to use.  It has improved my skills as a seamstress.

Well, that is it, the end of the challenge.  I might do it again in a few years when I feel like my answers would have significantly changed, but we shall see.