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Last year, a couple of the girls in my local Comm found Magic Cat Street and ordered some of their JSK’s.  When I saw them in person, I was in love with the design, but by then, they were already sold out of the color I would have wanted.  Then, earlier this year, one of my friends reposted a contest they were having for the same JSK, but in a different color, so I decided to enter because it was still beautiful, even if it was not my preferred color.  In the process however, I went to look at their facebook and saw that they had restocked the JSK in the color I wanted, but they only had a limited number and then they would never have it again.  Well, I jumped on that.

At the time I ordered the JSK, I had just left my last job and was waiting for my current job to start, so I did not have a lot of money.  They allowed me to do a payment plan of half then, and half in two weeks.  It still set me back, but it did help.  I made the first payment in mid-January, and the second payment the first week in February (they invoiced me both times).  My package finally arrived in about mid-March.

20150316_154939 Within the outer packaging, the JSK came wrapped in a clear plastic plastic bag, with accessories in a separate clear plastic bag.  Both were sealed with a logo sticker, and placed inside the bag on the left.

20150316_155045The JSK is absolutely lovely.  It is very soft and flowing, perfect for spring or summer wear.  All the top layers are in various colors of purple, with a base satin layer.  The bows and chain at the neckline were actually attached to the JSK when it arrived, though they are detachable.  The belt came in the accessories bag.


A lavender pin bow and two wrist cuffs were with the belt in the second bag, along with a postcard with a drawing of the JSK.

20150316_155130Overall, I am extremely happy with the JSK and I cannot wait to wear it.  I am thinking that I need to buy a lavender blouse and/or a dark purple blouse to wear with it.  The only thing I do not like are the little lavender roses, they are a bit cheap looking to me, but they are tiny enough that you barely notice them.

I think there was a slight mix up in my favor though.  I noticed when I made my second payment that it was slightly higher than my first, but I shrugged it off and figured it was shipping rates or something, but when I ordered, I had only ordered the JSK, no wrist cuffs, so it looks like they charged me half the difference and I still received the wrist cuffs.

I would not mind having this JSK in other colors, especially if they do replace this color with something slightly different (I would love one in all blueish purples as opposed to the redish purple, or a fade to lavender).  I would love to see them make a version in shades of green, too.

Magic Cats Street was on Taobao, but they seem to have moved all their business over to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/magicatstreet