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52WeekChallengeWeek Thirty-Eight – Favorite hair style

I am still experimenting a lot with my hair in Lolita fashion, I like it to be elegant, yet still framing my face, but that is difficult to do sometimes.  I really want to try some early 1900’s style hairstyles (I am thinking Agent Carter, Vivien Leigh, ecc.), I just do not really know how to do them well yet.

My favorite hairstyle that I discovered this year though, is three messy buns.

Bun ThreeThis is a little neater than mine tend to be, since I have so much hair to get up there, but it is a nice way of getting my hair off my neck and back, leaving the top of my head open for any hair accessories, and the buns are large enough to still show and not look like my hair is flat against my head and severe.

A hairstyle I really want to master is the French Twist.  Again, this one is difficult because of all my hair.  Maybe if I could figure out something to do with the ends like Nova Prime (not quite so much, but the same idea).

glenn-close-nova-prime-guardians-of-the-galaxyThe only other thing I could say for hairstyles, is that I LOVE how Fanny Rosie always does her hair.  She has hair about the same length as mine, I just need to learn some of the styles she uses.