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In addition to finishing the Lolita 52 Week Challenge, I am going to try to be more on top of posting about meet-ups.  Yesterday was the first one I attended in 2015, and may possibly be the only one I can attend in January.  Various theaters are showing older Disney movies, and a group of us went to go see Beauty and the Beast, my personal favorite Disney movie and my all-time favorite fairytale.

I was very tempted to order the Haenuli Beauty and the Beast JSK just to have for this meet-up, but I figured it would not arrive in time, and I did not really have the money anyhow.  So, in lieu of that, I decided to make a Belle inspired outfit.


Skirt, Bodice, Bag, and Bow:  Me
Blouse:  Surface Spell
Everything Else:  Off-Brand

The bodice gave me tons of trouble, partially because I waited until the night before to finish it, but I am going to take it apart and fix a couple things, plus I want to add puff sleeves in the skirt fabric.  I was going for Belle’s green dress, if you are not familiar:

36385_1322162271449_full 1369643_1398847066834_fullThe green dress is the first dress Belle wears from the castle wardrobe and the dress she is wearing when the Beast shows her the library.

I made mine similar, but not exact.  For one, while I made my skirt longer than traditional skirts, it is not floor length like Belle’s.  Plus I put in a side zipper rather than any lacing or other period closures.  One of these days I am going to make all of Belle’s dresses for real, then I get to figure out how the heck to close them in a period fashion.

The bag I am carrying is…was…an actual book that I butchered.  It is also unfinished, as I need to sand the pages down some more and then add a fabric lining and a proper clasp.

The theater staff loved us, and asked us twice if they could take pictures of us for their twitter and facebook.

BriannaFleury01 BriannaFleury03

After the movie, we went out to eat, and after that I drove my friend home.  I ended up sitting and talking to her for a while at her place, as I went up to meet her bunny.  It was great to have a chance to talk to her one and one, and I got to see her Lolita wardrobe, which I am envious of.  One day I will have a large Lolita wardrobe…one day!

We have casually talked about going to see some of the other Disney movies they are going to be showing in the theater (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Snow White), but even if there are gatherings, I am not sure I will be able to afford to make it up there for them, but we will see.