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52WeekChallengeKicking off the new year, back on the 52 Week Challenge, I thought I should backtrack to the weeks I missed first.

Week Twelve – Combining other fashions with Lolita

I have not done as much of this as I thought I would, granted I have not had as much reason to be all fashionable in my daily life since I went back to waiting tables.

I think for bringing Lolita into other fashions, elaborate prints are generally out.  Simple floral patterns or a very minimalistic print are more the way to go, at least for my life.  I could see myself wearing most of my skirts in my daily life, the only one I think I would exclude is the Melty Mermaid skirt from Dream of Lolita.  JSK’s and OP’s would be harder to integrate into my regular wardrobe, unless I started acquiring some more solid colored and simple ones.  Most of mine have too much print, or two much ruffle.

For bringing other fashions into Lolita, I think I do that a little bit more.  I have worn a few vintage hats or accessories, as well as blazers and tops from my regular wardrobe.  A few examples:

05-24 - MLS - The Fox and Hound 10-18 - MLS - Tchaikovsky

Here are two different outfits, one from May, one from October, in which I used vintage hats.  The cream one I have actually used a few times, while the black one has been more difficult to integrate.

12-04 - MLS - Milwaukee Art Museum Heaven and EarthThis outfit is from one of the more recent events I attended.  We went to a museum to see an Italian Painting exhibit, and the event coordinator set an angel theme, so I wanted to work my winged hat into the outfit.  I do not really have anything pink in Lolita (usually far too sweet for me, aside from some MM pieces I want), so I used a blazer from my everyday wardrobe to contrast with my new turquoise skirt.

I have used several vintage broaches and jewelry (harder to show in photographs), and even a corset-style top for an outfit earlier in 2014.