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And of course, here are my 2015 Lolita Resolutions!

1.  Finish Weekly Challenge.
I fell off doing the weekly challenges back when I started back at CPK, they kept scheduling me six days a week and seven to nine shifts a week.  The little time I had off I am too tired and busy catching up on other things than to blog.  I am transitioning jobs soon, so hopefully it will be a little better.  I want to finish of the 52 Week Challenge, and then I have a 30 Day Challenge that I am sitting on.  I only have 17 more weeks in the 52 Week Challenge, so if I knock out one per week again, I can do the 30 Day Challenge in May or June.

2.  Buy more Blouses, of various colors and necklines.
I need a high collar black blouse and a peter pan collar white blouse at the least.  I would also like a different tan shirt, as the one I have is very high maintenance.  Aside from that, I want more colors (blue, purple, green, ecc.), and also some cutsews.

3.  Buy at least one Coat.
I have cute coats, but they do not flair the way Lolita petticoats do.  The hardest thing is picking a color, but I want to buy at least one before next winter.

4.  Buy at least one pair of Boots.
The winter is difficult for me because I want to wear boots, but I only have my regular, non-Lolita boots.  I would like some Lolita-style boots in black, brown, and maybe white and/or tan.

5.  Buy at least one Parasol.
This would be really useful for the summer months.  I thought about a white or black one, but they are too extreme.  I am leaning towards one in a pastel version of one of my main jewel tones.

6.  Acquire a main item (JSK/OP/Skirt) from a brand.
I have stalked Lace Market on and off, and I almost bought a Meta skirt at one point, but I was short on cash.  Hopefully it will happen this year.