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As the last few minutes of 2014 draw to a close, I thought I should go back to the resolutions I made for Lolita and see how I did.

1.  Find a job.
It is not the best job, but I have a job, and I am still looking for something better.

2.  Continue to Build Wardrobe.
I am going to give this one a pass because I did add a few more key pieces this year, but I still feel very incomplete.

3.  Develop Outfits Around Mini Hats.
Not passing myself on this one.  I managed to use one of my hats in December, but none of the others.

4.  More Shoes.
I acquired two pair of Oxfords (black and brown), plus the cute tan shoes.  I could Still use more, of course, but that was a big jump.

5.  Sell White Shoes.
I sold my white shoes to my friend Michelle, whom was just beginning in Lolita fashion.  She has worn them quite a few times since then, so I am glad they went to a good home.

6.  More Accessories
I have gained some new accessories, but not enough.  I need more hair accessories especially.

7.  Post a WTB for My Dream Dress.
Despite the job, I am still under financial duress, so there was no chance to buy anything big.

8.  Attend at Least One Event per Month.
Though it appears I did not attend anything in November, it also looks like there were not any events hosted (or at least I was not invited to them via Facebook).  However, I attended fifteen events in 2014, so I definitely made up for the one month missed.

So, 5/8 Passed.  Not bad.