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Materials You Need to Prepare:
1. Your fabric of choice: 110cm wide and for S/M 2m60cm long – L/LL 2m90cm long.
2. Buttons: 2,5cm wide, 8 pieces.
3. Ribbon: 3,5cm wide, 3m long.
4. Lace A: 4,5cm wide, S/M 5cm long, L/LL 5m50cm long.
5. Lace B: 3cm wide, S/M 8m50cm long, L/LL 9m long.
6. Lace C: 1,5cm wide, S/M 2m long, L/LL 2m20cm long.
7. Zip: 1 piece, 56cm long.


Let’s start with the front part.
It may seem complicated at first, with all the numbers. But it is really easy.
Keep in mind that the first number is for size S and the last for size LL.


This is your back part:


See the strange long lined and dotted line on the upper part of the dress? Cut it out separately because you will need it for the lining.
Once you got these pattern, trace them…

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