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52WeekChallengeWeek Thirty-Six:  Nails to match my favorite look

This might sound like a bit of a cop out, but I never go for elaborate nails.  I keep my fingernails cut short due to all the circus and such that I do, and IF I paint them, it is always just a solid color.  I do like lots of different colors though, so as I do when I accessorize, I will focus on the more subtle colors in a print, or contrasting colors.  

If I am wearing all blue and accessorizing with silver, I will probably paint my nails silver as well.

If I am wearing something like my Infanta Sleeping Beauty JSK, I might go with a brown, but it is more likely I would go with a pale pink or green to match the vines.

IMG_20130623_241408_145If I were matching a theme, either set by a meet-up (such as when the MLS anniversary dinner had the theme of gold), or by an outfit itself (such as a chocolate print), I will likely match that theme (gold or chocolate colored, respectively).

I do admire the elaborate nails that I see on other girls, but my nail polish never lasts more than a few days, so I do not see the point on myself, but I definitely love to see them.  Were I to go for the more elaborate, or to recommend for someone who does, I might do some roses for Sleeping Beauty.

nails-rosesPerhaps some peacock feathers for my peacock skirt.

nails-peacockApples for Snow White.

nails-applesI also found this beautiful work that would be wonderful with my new Cinderella JSK.

nails-cinderellaOr this elegant look that could work with any princess, or any classic outfit, if the colors were switched to match each.