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52WeekChallengeWeek Thirty-Four:  Wardrobe Blunders! Things I Bought That I Ended Up Regretting!

This week, I have four items to submit for “wardrobe blunders.”


Item Number One:  White Shoes
I forgot exactly where I bought these, but I purchased them online (probably through ebay) just before the 2013 MegaMeet.  I had very few pairs of shoes that would work with Lolita at the time, and nothing in light colors.  I thought these looked cute.  Well, for one, they ended up being “not my style” as I tend to go for more of a Classic look and these look sweet.  Also, they ended up being too large, even after putting inserts in them.  In the end, they found a good home.  My friend Michelle just recently started wearing Lolita and her first outfit was very sweet and pink, so I sold them to her earlier this year.

Blouse - CMLoli - White Blouse - CMLoli - Khaki

Items Number Two and Three: CMLoli Blouses
These are not bad blouses, really, but here are my problems with them.  First, I hate ironing, especially since the ironing board is down in the basement, and the ruffles on these need ironing after each wash.  Second, I bought these for warmer weather, since they are short sleeve, but the material they are made of is rather thick, so it is sort of a trade off.  Third, the arms are too tight on me.  I am going to add a tab for the buttons, but right now I cannot wear the sleeves closed.  Can I use them?  Yes, but they are more trouble than they are worth, and I wish I had bought different short sleeve blouses.

Briana01Item Number Four:  Dream of Lolita Alice and the Pirates Melty Mermaid Replica
I almost did not include this one, because I love this skirt, really, I do.  The color is pretty, the print is pretty, my only issue with it is that it is a replica.  The strange thing is, I do not have anything against replicas.  I think that brand replication is something that happens in fashion all the time, and it is perfectly acceptable for someone to buy a replica of something that they A) cannot afford, B) cannot fit into, or C) cannot acquire due to limited production.  I just do not like the idea of enduring ridicule because something is a replica, but I guess the only way to break the stigma is to actually challenge it.  I think what upsets me more than it being a replica though, is that I am not particularly happy with Dream of Lolita.  They take forever.  I do not plan to ever order from them again, but I will admit I do love this skirt.  I may very well be wearing this at the next meet-up.