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52WeekChallengeWeek Thirty-Three:  Something That I Made

As I am still sitting on the Turquoise skirt I am working on (maybe I will finish it today), I am going to go with my Peacock skirt.

2 - Skirt - HandmadeBoth of these fabrics were already in my house before I started wearing Lolita.  The purple I had purchased over a decade ago, in hopes of making the purple dress Elizabeth Swan wears in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (never happened).  The peacock feather print was a fabric I saw at the fabric store one day.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I liked it, so I bought a couple yards of it.  I initially tried to make the skirt a-line with a a different purple fabric, but I completely messed it up, and I am still working on my a-line pattern.  I really like this skirt, because there are several colors and shades in the print.

20140814_004631So far I have only ever worn it with my navy blouse or a black shirt with a purple shrug, but I could wear this with light blue, green, various shades of purple, and even turquoise.

I really like peacocks, so I have several peacock themed accessories that I tend to wear with this skirt.

This was also the first and only complete item (aside from the one pair of bloomers I have) I have made since the whole debacle with the dress I made for the 2013 MegaMeet, so I was pleased when it was well received.

Items I am working on right now:
*Turquoise skirt – just have to make and attach waist band, and add the zipper.
*Light Green skirt – I have the fabric and zipper, but I need to order the lace trim.  Nothing has been measured or cut.
*Dark Green JSK – Still in planning stages, I am going to go fabric shopping soon.
*Green Star Wars bloomers – I have the fabric, I just have to actually go make them.
*POSSIBLE Red and Gold skirt – I do not usually wear a lot of red, but it would be nice to have something for the Chinese New Year AND it has the extra bonus of being Gryffindor colors. 😉  I have a red, though it may be too light a red.  The gold is already measured and cut.