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As I mentioned a few days ago, the group order I entered into at the beginning of the year finally came in, and I received the items at the MegaMeet on Saturday.  I only ordered two items in this group order, two JSK’s.

20140813_162450The first JSK is Infanta’s Cinderella in the Blue-Gray color.  The dress is actually much grayer than I thought, which I like.  The print is very beautiful, and there are a lot of subtle accent colors, so their are many options for coordinating this JSK.  The waist ties are removable, and the back is shirred with corset lacing.  The most beautiful feature of the dress is probably the lace around the bottom.  It is very soft, and absolutely gorgeous.

20140813_162512The dress also came with one large printed bow and two small satin bows.

Now of course, Infanta has come out with their Rapunzel themed dress and I want that, although I wish they would have made a purple dress for that series.  I feel like I am liking the same colors over and over from them.

20140813_162204The second dress, and the one I was most excited about, is R-Series’ Odette Mansion in Navy.  I was surprised by the color of this dress as well.  The chiffon is a traditional Navy blue, but the main fabric is almost more of a Marine blue or possibly Oxford blue.  You can see the difference in the waist ties the most.  Speaking of the waist ties, there are two sets.

20140813_162246They arrived both attached, so they could be tied separately or together.  You could also wear only one or the other.  I really love this dress, and I cannot wait to wear it.  My friend Laura has it in the red version, so hopefully we can twin together at some point.

With that group order finally complete, suddenly, another group order is being planned.  I am torn, because I really should not be spending money on Lolita until I catch up on my bills, but there are a few items I could really use.  I am not sure what the deadline on it will be just yet, if it is very soon, I may just order a few small items, if I have time though I want to order a few larger items.  I am very sad though, because one of the dresses I wanted to order is sold out in my size in the color I want.  😦  I thought about adding the Rapunzel dress to what I am thinking about buying, but there is no rush on that on, and I can order it on my own through Clobba, Qutieland, or Aliexpress when I have more money.  The other one I am highly debating is a chocolate print dress.  I know, I know, I have wanted a chocolate print dress, but this one is more in your face chocolate than most of the others I want.  That one will depend on timing I think.