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This post may not be written as well as I would like.  I am tired, and distracted by a movie at the moment, but I will make sure to hit on the key points.BriannaFleury02I sincerely considered skipping this years MegaMeet for several reasons, but in the end, I ended up throwing an outfit together and heading down. I thought about taking the Metra, or driving, but in the end I took the L again.  Not sure it was the best choice this year, construction was being done on a section of the Blue Line and I had to take a shuttle between two stations, which added at least an extra 30 minutes to my trip.

This year, the event was being held in China Town, by a large pagoda in the park.  I did not have a lot of money, so unlike last year when I went down with a picnic basket and tons of food, this year I just made myself a sandwich and brought a few cookies for myself.  It seemed like the potluck aspect was more stressed this year, but I did not partake out of respect since I did not contribute.  I did have a couple macaroons that one of the Milwaukee girls brought though.

The really great thing about this year was that I did not feel awkward and out of place.  I ended up running into one group of Milwaukee girls while I was walking from the train, so I walked up with them and we found the rest of the girls from Milwaukee pretty quickly.  The girl from my community who had done the recent Taoboa group order brought my dresses, so I finally have the dresses I bought at the beginning of the year, but I will post about those separately soon.

The raffle happened shortly after we arrived (we were all running late due to traffic and construction), but neither myself or any of the Milwaukee girls won anything, the prizes sounded pretty fantastic too.  I could not really see them due to where I was sitting, but there were some tea sets, and a couple pairs of shoes that I was really hoping I would win.

After the raffle, we went to take photos.  The photo at the top of the post is a portion of the group shot.  We also took a picture of the Milwaukee members.

BriannaFleury03After pictures, everyone sort of meandered around.  I ended up near the girls who won the shoes, and neither of them could fit the sizes they won.  The shoes were the same styles, but one was a tan/cream color in size 7.5, the other was a darker brown in size 7.  I tried them both on, and they both fit, but I have two pairs of brown shoes, and no light colors.  The girl who won the lighter shoes graciously gave them to me for nothing in exchange.  I hope that I can one day return her kindness.

20140811_175845I left shortly after, as my friends Dani and Laura had expressed a desire to go to Mitsuwa (a local Asian supermarket) and they had room in their car, so they drove me to my car (so that I could avoid L ride back) and then I joined them.  Before we left though, we wandered around China Town to shop for a bit and grabbed a snack and milk tea.

Overall, the day was a lot of fun and I am glad I went.    Here are a couple better shots of me and my outfit.  The first is with my friend Dani, the second with my friend Emma.


JSK:  Infanta’s Sleeping Beauty
All else is off brand.