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52WeekChallengeWeek Thirty:  How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe

I think to answer this, one first needs to decide what constitutes a complete wardrobe.  

fyeahlolita lists a complete wardrobe as the following:
*One Petticoat
*One piece of “special wear”
*Two Dresses/JSK’s
*Two Skirts
*Five Tops
*Two pieces of outerwear
*One pair of shoes that match everything
*One purse that matches everything
*Various legwear
*Various accessories

By this list, I ALMOST have a complete wardrobe, being short only the outerwear.

Bonbon Malefique described a complete wardrobe as “a wardrobe which allows me to wear lolita daily, in every season and whatever the weather.”  I like this description a little better, though it is very subjective.

As a bit of a fashionista in my daily fashion (as I am not a lifestyle Lolita), I tend to always feel like my wardrobe is incomplete.  Every Lolita has a different definition for what is complete.  To me, it is not only being able to not feel like one is repeating an outfit too often, but also that you have options for different situations and seasons.  Right now, I still feel rather constricted in my options, even though I have three JSK’s (two more waiting for me to pick up in Milwaukee…yay!), one OP, and four skirts.  I definitely need more blouses, especially of various colors, and some light weight ones for summer, and I need to start branching away from blue (many Lolita’s say to stick to one color and build on that, but I like colors to much). 

So, I really would not say I have a complete wardrobe yet, but I feel like I am on the verge of having one.  Perhaps in another year, perhaps sooner, perhaps a little longer.  I have three more pieces which are in various stages of being created, and I have an income now (yay!), albeit not one that is quite large enough, but it is still an income that I will be able to buy fabric or pieces with, so my wardrobe should hopefully increase at a steady pace for a while.