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Well, the meeting at work yesterday went a full two and a half hours (it never should have gone that long), but after the urging of one of my friends, I decided to head up to Milwaukee anyhow.  I arrived just in time for things to wrap up at Brodach, then quickly changed so that I could be in the group photos and not look extremely out of place.

BriannaFleury07The outfit I wore was intentionally casual, so that it would be easy to quickly change in and out of.  I put the whole thing together the night before the meet-up, and was initially intending on wearing Sleeping Beauty again, and then I remembered I had not worn this skirt yet.

20140726_124448Skirt:  Bodyline
Everything else is off-brand.

In the end, I was glad I chose the lighter colored outfit, as about half of the group decided to wander up to a local street fair for an hour or so.  When we left the street fair, we went over to a little park under a bridge with ground made of recycled tires, and swings made of tires and thick chains.  The four of us that remained sat on a large bench swing talking for a while. 

I wish I could have made it there for the Brunch, but I am still glad I went up.  Also, I received a gift from a friend of mine while I was up there.

20140726_155310(I had already changed back into my work clothes and was in my car by the time I took this picture)

This is a Metamorphose necklace that she saw on Lace Market.  She had recently heard me say that I did not really have any brand, and she knew I loved purple, so she bought it for me.  I really love the necklace, now I just need to find or make something to wear it with.  😀  This, combined with my Innocent World Mook Violin bag are my only two items of brand.  Hopefully once I catch up with my bills though, I can put money aside to buy a main piece from a brand.