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52WeekChallengeWeek Twenty-Four:  What’s in my makeup bag.

I started to write this out with my actual makeup bag, but have a lot of make-up, in a lot of different places, so I am going to assume this one is supposed to be more of a “what’s in my purse/bag” type of thing. 

20140617_183159Here is everything laid out:
*Book – If my purse is large enough for a book, I will always bring one.  At the time I wrote this, I was in the middle of Julius Caeser.
*Lines – If I have lines to memorize, or I am working on a monologue, I will have a copy printed out to study when I have time.  Here I have a contemporary dramatic monologue.
*Anti-bac/Lotion – I have very dry skin, so I always have at least a lotion with me.  I generally prefer this one from Bath & Body Works, as it is both a anti-bacterial and a lotion, I think the discontinued it though.  😦
*Wallet – If I am carrying an especially small purse, I will just take out my ID, debit card, and cash, but this is the full wallet.
*iPod – Unless the purse is small, in which case I will lock it in my trunk or glove compartment.
*Lip-gloss and/or Lipstick.  If I am about to eat, I will put lip-gloss on, but otherwise I will reapply my lipstick.
*Eyeliner – For touch ups.
*Eye Drops – I wear contacts, so sometimes they dry out, or something gets in your eye, and you need eye drops.
*Bodybugg reader – I wear a bodybugg on my arm right now to track my calorie output.  This device syncs with the arm band to display my stats.
*Mirror – I have several, but this one is my favorite, even though the mirror inside is cracked.
*Mobile Phone – which could not be in the photo due to being used to take this photo.