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52WeekChallengeWeek Twenty-Three:  What influence my Lolita style.

Difficult to pinpoint, I suppose there are several influences for me.

There are other Lolitas.  The main one would probably be Fanny Rosie, whom I follow over on Tumblr.  As I flesh out my wardrobe, I definitely look at her for inspiration, I also keep her in mind when debating between wig or no wig.  I tend to keep to wigs in the winter and natural hair in the summer, and she always has her hair beautifully styled.

Another influence, you could probably attribute to my love of the Infanta Princess prints.  I have two of them already in my possession, one on the way, and they just released another.  They really make up the more gray area of my wardrobe, everything else I own tends to be in the Classic area of the spectrum, while these could go sweet very easily.  I still tend to accessorize them Classic, but they are definitely the busiest of my prints.

Personally, I have always been influenced by more vintage or retro looks.  I am going to try incorporating more vintage hats into my outfits, and I tend to use a lot of other vintage items like jewelry and gloves (which have been inherited from my grandmothers).

Honestly, everything influences me:  books, sports, movies, dance, other cultures….the list goes on and on.  I am a product of many influences, and fashion is an expression of all of that.  An outfit I choose on any given day could be a product of where I am going, combined with a sports team I am supporting that day, and the ideas put in my head by the latest novel I am reading.  Most of it is conscious, but I am sure there are aspects that are not as well.  In the end, everything influences my Lolita style, but you could also say nothing influences it except for me.