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I skipped Week 21, because it is a little more involved and I want to take some good pictures, so that post is in the planning stages.  I also want to do that particular post once my Odette JSK has arrived.

52WeekChallengeWeek Twenty-Two:  How I accessorize.

This is sort of ambiguous, but I can go with that.

People are generally surprised with my choices of accessories and clothing pairings because they see me combine colors and say “I would never have thought to pair those colors together!”  (Actual quote)  I am really good on looking for the more subtle colors in an item of clothing, and choosing to enhance those rather than going for the obvious choices.  I also try to make use of the color wheel, to use colors that compliment each other.

I do not really have any Lolita examples at the moment, but you will see it over time.  Beyond that, with jewelry, it is very intuitive.  I will pick a single piece I like, or that I like, or that I am inspired to use, and then I will pull other accessories to match that.

For example, had I finished the turquoise skirt I was hoping to wear last weekend, I was going to pair it with a pink hat I really love…a contrasting color.  That hat has some silver accents, as well as white wings, so I was going to wear a necklace and earring set I purchased in Barcelona with silver wings.  They all end up complimenting each other.

That is really all I can say on that.  My accessorizing is always very intuitive, and sometimes I will have two or three sets of accessories I am considering, and then I will settle on the one set that looks the most put together.