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I think I am going to attempt to wear my Harley Quinn themed Lolita skirt…and maybe shirt, depending on how it looks….to a bowling meet-up on Sunday.  I just think the black and red works well with the bowling alley feel.  Admittedly, I am a little nervous about wearing it.  I do not want people to freak out and think I am trying to be costume-y.  I am trying to accessorize it away from the Harley look as much as I can, but there is very little I can do when it is all red, black, and white with diamonds.  At least I will have my natural hair color, and either a rose in my hair or a vintage hat on.

Bowling1 Here it all is with a black blouse.  I feel like the black grounds it away from Harley some, but I also feel like it needs another pop of red.  I wish I had a wide red belt that matched the red in the skirt, but the two I have are either too dark or too light.

Bowling2I prefer the look with the matching top, especially with the shorter sleeves for an active meet-up, but I think it may cross the Harley line.  :/  Not sure yet which I will go with, I may have to wait and see how each looks on me.

(I apologize, the second image is very blurry.  I did not realize this until I had already picked everything up and I really do not feel like laying it all out again, especially since all that changed was the shirt.)