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52WeekChallengeWeek Twenty:  How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe.

I am actually pretty satisfied right now.  Not to say I do not want more, but I have a pretty good basis so that I can stop worrying about “building” a wardrobe.  Current inventory:
OP’s: 1
JSK’s:  5 (two of them are still in transit with a Group Order)
Skirts:  5 (plus one that is almost finished, another I have fabric for, and another in design stages)
Blouses:  6

Currently, my focus is on acquiring some key accessories, like boots and a coat for when winter returns (because in Illinois, Winter is always coming).  I also want to purchase some more blouses to add more options for the pieces I already have.  Hopefully I can find the material to finish off my new turquoise skirt, and then I just have to get moving and finish that, as well as make my other green skirt.