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52WeekChallengeWeek Nineteen:  Trends I thought I loved, but now I’m not too keen on

Sweet Lolita
Let’s face it, much of what you see as Lolita before getting into Lolita is Sweet, and I really do love Sweet, I just do not like wearing it.  I love cute things.  I love ponies.  I love bunnies.  I love kitties.  I just do not love wearing them on me.

Gothic Lolita
When I bought my first Gothic & Lolita Bible, I went through and tabbed things that I really liked.  Almost all of it was very Gothic Lolita.  I also dressed in Goth fashion for a while (I still do for certain events), but now that I am actually dressing Lolita, I have no real desire to be a Gothic Lolita.  I still love the look, just again, not for me.

Chunky Shoes
I bought a pair in white last summer.  I was so excited to wear them.  Then they arrived, and I do not like them.  I wore a lot of chunky shoes in high school, but that was more in fashion then.  Now I prefer sleeker shoes.  I like thickier heels, but not chunky heels.