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52WeekChallengeWeek Eighteen:  Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love

I am not sure when the shift really happened.  I used to…not hate wigs, but I did not particularly love them either.  Then I bought a wig for my Harley costumes, and I bought a wig for the Tonnika Twins…and suddenly I was buying wigs just because I liked them.  When I finally started dressing Lolita, I already had one or two wigs I could wear with the fashion.  I am actually a bit ashamed that I do not do more with my natural hair in Lolita.  I have such long hair, but it is so tempting to just pin it up and throw a wig on that I know will lay right.  Now that we are approaching warmer weather though, I may very well go back to using my natural hair and store my wigs until the autumn.

Floral Patterns
In one of my earlier posts, I posted about not liking tiny floral patterns, and there are still some floral patterns that look too country to me, but I love a nice elegant floral.  I guess that is less of a shift in opinion and more of a clarification, but still.

Ruffles….to a point!
I tend to avoid excessive ruffles, especially around the chest area, but I have found myself relaxing on this a little bit.  I was afraid of my navy blouse because it had a ruffly neckline, and then I tried it on and loved it.