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52WeekChallengeWeek Sixteen:  Ten facts about my Lolita wardrobe

#1 – I own more Infanta than any other brand.

#2 – I do not own anything from the main Lolita brands except for the Mook Violin Bag from Innocent World.

#3 – I have two blouses, a skirt, and a caplet that I have yet to wear (the skirt is really tight right now).

#4 – I do not own any cutsews, but I desperately want some.

#5 – I only have one pair of bloomers, and I made them myself.  I do have fabric for another pair that I want to make soon though.  I doubt I will ever purchase any.

#6 – I do not have anything in an actual closet.  I really want to buy a wardrobe dedicated just to Lolita, but that is going to have to wait.

#7 – It is currently swaying too far towards sweet for my tastes.  I love Infanta prints, but they can look very sweet, and I prefer more of a classic look.

#8 – I thin I finally have a good basic wardrobe now, and I will be spending my money on more blouses (more colors), accessories, and maybe even finally some brand now.  Unless Infanta decides to tempt me again. 😉

#9 – I do not own any Lolita boots or coats, and I live somewhere where it snows for about half the year.  I really need at least one pair of boots and one coat.

#10 – I own only one item in red, and that is a blouse.  I am not a big fan of red items in Lolita.  Most of my items are blue, with some purple and green.  I would consider a deep garnet color of red though, and I almost made a red skirt to wear for the Chinese New Year.  It is still pinned on the floor by my sewing machine.