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At the beginning of March, Bodyline did a special with free international shipping.  I had been eying a few items from there for a while, so I decided to take advantage of it, even though I really should not have spent the money.  I really want to order shoes from them (and I really should have, considering the weight for shipping normally), but I ended up ordering a dress and a skirt.

I placed the order on March 9th, and a week later, on March 16th, I received a tracking number and link.  I watched the link, with no activity for over two weeks, until on March 30th, the package finally showed up in New Jersey.  By April 2nd, the package was in Elk Grove, IL, and on April 3rd it was delivered to my house.

I thought about doing a video for this, because I love watching order arrival videos, but I really wanted to open the package, and I am not sure how I would set up the video.  Maybe next time….or the time after that (the next order I receive is a group order, so I will likely rip it open with everyone else).

20140403_113829The order arrived in a typical package, though the return address perplexed our mailman.  I think it is a new guy, cause otherwise he would be used to seeing these sort of packages coming to my house.  Inside, two Bodyline bags.

20140403_113927I will begin with the lower bag, since I think most people will recognize the print right away, it is L305 in Sax, otherwise known as the Antique Clock skirt.

20140403_11394420140403_114103I have heard that they altered the skirts from the original run.  The fabric is pretty thick, and the print is very clear.20140403_114115The skirt has a high waist, which in the front has three bows.  In the back, there is a little corset lacing over some shirring, and there is a size zipper on the left.  There is also some plastic boning around the waist, which is nice so that it does not bunch up.

20140403_114121 20140403_114137I ordered this in a size L, and it is rather tight on me.  I had to struggle a little to zip it up.  I need to lose a little weight though, so this should fit better over time.  There were no bows or anything that came with it, so I may one day try to acquire something else in this print just to make hair accessories or something with.  I may also try to match the brown ribbon used for the bows.

20140403_114348The second bag contained the L479 OP in “beg.”  I had been wanting this dress for a long time, and they sold out in my two favorite colors.  Then they restocked and quickly began selling out in this color, so I bought it as soon as I could.

20140403_114423Unlike the Antique Clock skirt, this dress came with two bows, identical aside from the strand of pearl-like beads hanging from the one.  I attached the plain bow to the dress for now, I may switch them though.  The other bow I will probably wear in my hair.

20140403_125858The velvety material has a lot of weight to it, and the floral fabric has a nice woven sheen.  The lace detailing is very soft, I was actually impressed considering how people describe a lot of Bodyline.  Their are also attached waist ties that match the floral.  This one had sold out in the L size prior to ordering it, but I looked at a few reviews and saw that people were saying this dress ran a little large, so I took a chance and ordered the M.  The dress fits perfect.  It may actually be a little loose.   This dress is a first for me in several ways.  Aside from being part of my first Bodyline order, it is my first floral print, my first OP, and my first A-line.  I need to hurry up and wear this before it warms up too much, because the weight of the velvet would be unpleasant in the summer, but I think it is perfect for spring or autumn.

Overall, first Bodyline order, I am very pleased.  I did not notice any plasticy odor that I have heard others talk about, the fabric quality was good, and everything fit fairly well.