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Every year, from around January through March (some years we start in November, some years we go until April), I participate in a Circus based at Triton College in River Grove, IL.  This year, we are gearing up for Circus week, which is a week of nightly rehearsals, culminating in three days of performances.  Circus Week begins on Saturday.  I will be heading out for the second day of set-up on Sunday, then we have first act run through on Monday, second act on Tuesday, full dress rehearsal on Wednesday, a show Thursday night, a show Friday night, and two shows on Saturday.  I also did not start at the beginning of practices this year, because I was not able to afford the petrol to travel out to the suburbs twice a week, so I lost a full month of practices.  With that said, I have been extremely preoccupied with Circus and trying to pick up work as an extra to pay my bills.  So, I may have missed talking about the last meet-up with the Milwaukee Lolita Society, which may have been my favorite location yet.


On March 2nd, we gathered at Cedar Creek Settlement in Cedarburg, WI for Brunch at Cream & Crepe Cafe.  I was super excited for this, because I LOVE crepes, and they did not disappoint.  I could not decide, so I ended up ordering a small cup of soup for actual sustenance, and then I ordered two sweet crepes (they have both sweet and savory crepes, full menu here):  Mosaic and Dutch Mill.

20140302_120205I really hope I have a chance to go back again, because I still would love to try the Black-Eyed Susan.  I was not really keen on any of their savory crepes, because most of them contained ham, and I do not eat ham, but the others said wonderful things about them.

After eating, we went out for pictures, and then we wandered around the building.  A couple of us headed downstairs, where they have a wine cellar and were doing free wine tasting.  I tried all of their red wines, my favorite of which was the Syrah.  Then we went upstairs, where they have several antique shops.  There was one that had all sorts of antique clothing, gloves, hats, and jewelry.  I bought three pairs of gloves (pale blue, royal blue, and green), as well as a wonderful hat.

20140403_121233 1497340_10101743834643499_109513403_nAfter shopping around Cedar Creek Settlement, several of us continued down at Amy’s Gourmet Apples.  Despite the deceptive name, most of what Amy’s carries is chocolate!20140302_143645 20140302_14365620140302_143633But, they are famous for their caramel apples.



Of which I of course purchased one that was coated in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel.20140302_201020I also purchased a couple truffles, but I was not too impressed by the truffles, especially for the price.  I loved the apple though.  Next door to Amy’s, there is also The Chocolate Factory…which carries sandwiches…and Ice Cream.  I ordered two different flavors, I cannot remember which though, because I was debating between so many.  One was cookie dough, the other may have been The Chocolate Factory Special.

20140302_144358Shay and I then headed home, but we ended up stopping for dinner once we reached our hometown, at a little Mediterranean restaurant another friend had recommended.  I had Shawarma and hummus, but I had to order them separate, there was no option for the combination (which I am spoiled on thanks to Pita Inn).

Ella01Dress:  Infanta’s Sleeping Beauty
Blouse:  CM Loli
Hat:  Vintage
Everything else is off-brand.

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  I had to miss the main meet-up in March due to funds, but at least I made it to this one.  Our next big meet-up is actually tomorrow.  We are gathering for dinner to celebrate Milwaukee Lolita Societies fourth anniversary.  I am going to be wearing Snow White again, but with a new blouse and different accessories, I just have to figure out what I am going to do with my hair.  I will try to post about that one sooner, and I also have a post coming about an order that just arrived, my very first Bodyline order.