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52WeekChallengeWeek Eleven:  Three trends I wish would come back.

Here is another one that is somewhat more geared towards seasoned Lolita’s.  Even though I may know of trends, it is difficult to judge what I really would have been into at the time.

I see a lot of people who want the rectangular headdresses to come back, but I am not quite sure if I love those or not.

I think the first one I would pick would be printless dresses.  I do like a lot of the prints out there, but I feel like they are overshadowing the dress design itself, and that prints are becoming a little to busy.  I do not mind a subtle background print, but when the entire dress is completely covered in sugar and hearts, it makes my brain hurt.  I guess I just want more of a choice between the two.  Do not make only dresses with prints, and do not like only dresses without prints.

Second would be more of a going out than coming back, but I would just like a different style to step up and replace sweet as the most popular style.  Right now if you go searching for accessories and such, almost everything has a very sweet feel, and the other options are limited.  One of the girls in my community jokes about OTT Classic becoming a thing, I think that would actually be fabulous.

Third….that is tough.  I really do not know.  This is one I am going to have to admit defeat on and assume that I will have a better opinion of after being in the fashion longer.