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This past Saturday was the February Meet-Up for the Milwaukee Lolita Society, and this month, we went for sushi!  I had been craving sushi for a few weeks, so I was really looking forward to it.

During the afternoon, I was down in the middle of nowhere in Illinois for a photo shoot.  It went from 10-5, and the Meet-Up was at 7pm.  The two locations were about 2.5 hours from each other though, so I ended up arriving at the restaurant about 30 minutes late.  I had been dressed up as Harley for the shoot, and the make-up I use for Harley is alcohol based, so despite my scrubbing, you can still see a white hue to my face (especially around the eyes).  If I had not been wearing a wig, I had tons of white in my hair, so I looked like an old lady.

Briana04When I arrived, everyone had just ordered.  I had looked at the menu online in advance, so I quickly placed my order when the waiter came by, so my food arrived with all of the rest.  There were a lot of new people at this meet-up, because one of our Mods had had a panel about our group at Anime Milwaukee (a convention), the previous weekend.   It was also my friends first Lolita Meet-Up.  She was supposed to go to some earlier in the month, but they had been cancelled due to weather and availability.

Briana07Here is a group shot.

Briana01And here is a full shot of my outfit.

Skirt:  Dream of Lolita replica of Alice and the Pirates “Melty Mermaid.”
Blouse:  ICK by IndustrialKitty
The flower is from a local girl as well, I received it at the Mega Meet last year.
Everything else is off-brand.

A note on the skirt, this was the second time I attempted to order something from Dream of Lolita, the first item having been cancelled when it took too long.  This skirt took a long time too, and I am done trying to buy things from Dream of Lolita.  The skirt itself is not bad though.  The fabric is pretty thick, though maybe a little rough.  And I feel like it is a little small at the hem, but otherwise I really like it.  I would like to one day acquire the actual AatP version, but until I have some more freedom with my funds, this will do.

When we were standing around talking afterwards, Janette pulled a box out and was handing out items, I forgot that I was waiting on a blouse from a group order, so I received a new blouse this week too.  I was worried about the neckline, but I really like the blouse, and I cannot wait to wear it.