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52WeekChallengeWeek Five:  My wardrobe turnover.

This is the first week that I have encountered a question that is really more suited for the seasoned Lolita.  At this point, I have only bought, not sold, and I am not entirely sure I ever will sell, but only time will tell.

I suppose the best way for me to answer this is two part.  First, last year I acquired new items about once every three months.  That was while unemployed as well (nothing really expensive), so I am curious how my wardrobe will grow once I have a job, which brings me to the second part.

An estimate of what I expect.  It will really depend on how much I make at my job, but I would like to keep a steady 2-3 month pace for gaining new items.  That will probably slow down a great deal once I feel like I have a substantial wardrobe, at which point I will start saving for brand items (one, maybe two per year) and buy occasional new pieces and accessories from off-brand (cause I am sure Infanta will continue to tempt me).  There are 3-4 specific new main pieces I am already hoping to acquire this year, though I do not know whether I will wait to buy multiples at once to save on shipping, or buy items as I can afford them.  I always worry about items I want selling out.