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I slept in rather late today due to not feeling well, but once I dragged myself out of bed, I started sewing.  Since the catastrophe last year with the horrible responses I had about my dress, I have not really talked about sewing my own Lolita items, although the purple skirt with the peacock trim that I wore in November was my own creation as well.

Right now, I have a friend who is interested in dressing Lolita, and there are two meet-ups this Saturday that we are going to be attending together.  She first saw me dressed in Lolita before the January meet-ups, and became really excited about it.  We met to discuss Lolita on Saturday (I made her a PowerPoint presentation :D), and when I told her about the meet-ups coming up, she was insistent that she wanted to attend in Lolita attire, rather than attending in plain clothes the first time.  So, I made her an offer I have never made to anyone before.  To make her a skirt.  We went fabric shopping immediately after, and then went to find her some accessories on Sunday.  Today, I did the bulk of the work.

20140127_193658 20140127_193711We found a very pretty red dupioni silk, and two different trims.  I have put everything together aside from the waistband, which I am sizing her for tomorrow, and the zipper.  I am also letting her borrow an Uber Kio mini top hat of mine, that I altered by covering the existing black band with a band of the red dupioni.

20140127_200353Once I did as much as I could on her skirt, I decided to keep going, because I was on a roll.  I decided to work on a skirt of mine that I have been putting off.

20140127_234841It is a turquoise dupioni silk (I really like dupioni silk :D).  I wanted it to be more of an a-line cut, but I am still perfecting my a-line pattern, and this will have a slight gather at the waist.  I put it off as long as I have because of the ruffle at the bottom.  I do not have a serger, but I have a closed overlock stitch on my sewing machine that I use for ruffles.  Luckily the edge of the dupioni had a clean finish, so I only had to stitch the one side, but it takes FOREVER!  I finished it tonight, and right now it is just pinned to the hem of the skirt.  I am going to sew it on tomorrow and work on the waistband.

I MIGHT wear this skirt this weekend, but I am a little hesitant to have both of us in such similar fabric.  I really want to wear something red for the Chinese New Year, but the only item I have that would work with red is my Snow White JSK that I just wore.  :/  I thought about making a red JSK with some gold embroidery and trim, but I am not sure I would ever wear it again.  I just generally do not like wearing red as a main color in Lolita.  Not sure why, because I really like red, but I prefer my Lolita items on the cool side of the spectrum.  I do not know, I guess I will sleep on it.  I am working as an extra for a TV show on Wednesday, so if I do it, I want to have it enough put together to work on the embroidery during downtime on set.

I also really want to try painting some patterns eventually, but that will have to wait until I am working.  There is a girl I follow on tumblr (http://mylolitahandmade.tumblr.com/) who does some fantastic patterns with paint, and I am really inspired to try my own.